Consortium Águas Azuis

Joining Forces

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is teaming up with Embraer Defense & Security in the Consortium Águas Azuis, a solid national partnership with proven capability to retain the transfer of technology and ensuring its development for future strategic defense projects in Brazil.

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Experience counts

For 27 navies worldwide

More than:
  • 150

    naval surfaces vessels
  • 160

contracted since 1960.
  • Built in Germany

  • Built in customer shipyards with material packages and technology transfer from thyssenkrupp Marine Systems

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Surface vessel track record

Frigates and corvettes with MEKO® Technology since 1983

Authentic blue-water ship

Proven design MEKO® A-100

Life Cycle Management

Ships performance designed into a holistic integrated system for any required future scenario

What we offer

Integrated Life Cycle Management

We ensure continued operation of the vessel – from conception to decomissioning

Tupi class submarine: built in Rio de Janeiro Navy’s Arsenal with technical support from HDW and incorporated into the Brazilian Navy in the 1990s.

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